Friday, 18 May 2018

Cat's Meow Mystery Quilt Step 3 and a Few Notes

First, let me show you what was made in step 2.

Note #1 - The first part of step 3 is to cut setting triangles from squares.  At first I was confused because the side setting triangles were smaller than the corner setting triangles.  However, the side setting triangles are added to a block which makes
them into bigger triangles.

Note #2 - Block number one is created using two sections you have already made with the addition of some background rectangles.

There is a wrong way to put them together.  Ask me how I know.....

Note #3 - Block number two is created using two sections you have already made with the addition of some main print squares.  I really like this block.

The next step is to sew your blocks and setting triangles together into the quilt top.  You can stop there, or you can add a border if desired.  I'm not going to show the finished quilt to preserve the mystery.  Hope to see lots of finished quilts at the September meeting!

As promised in my first post, here's the link to Debbie Caffrey's Free Cat's Meow Mystery Quilt from her website Debbie's Creative Moments.

The Cat's Meow Mystery Quilt - Step 1
The Cat's Meow Mystery Quilt - Step 2
The Cat's Meow Mystery Quilt - Step 3

Thursday, 17 May 2018

More sewing on the Triad Quilt

My daughter was over last night and we were able to get all 15 columns of this quilt sewn.  I could not get a picture of the entire quilt, you can only see about 12 of the 16 row of triangles.

Now all that is left is getting the columns sewn together into a top and then quilting and binding.   All by June 2nd! 

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Touch Base Tuesday

Last Wednesday, I worked on the Basket Quilt Blocks again.  I was using turquoise and green fabrics.  I didn't quite get them finished so decided to do that this morning.  You can't see all of the bottom row, but here are all 72 baskets with set in triangles cut and ready to assemble. 

I will leave them on the wall for a day or so before sewing them together in case I decide to move any of them around.  I deliberately placed a basket of each colour along the four sides of the quilt, but for the most part just tried to place the blocks randomly without any basket in the same colour family touching.  I also tried to not have identical prints, albeit in different colours touching each other, but was not totally successful in that endeavour.

My daughter and I also worked on the Triad Quilt for her girlfriend's wedding.  We sewed most of the triangles into pairs and the next day, I finished sewing them and ironed them all.  Here's a sampling of the 113 pairs.

This is my #1 priority this month as it needs to be finished for a wedding in early June.

My friend Marilyn also came over last Sunday and stippled a colourful slab comfort quilt.  Here it is right off the frame.

Early June, twenty-five days from today to be exact, is when Victoria's wedding quilt has to be finished.  I think I better check with my daughter when she can come over next so we can get the quilt block layout completed and get this quilt top sewn together and ready to quilt!

Sunday, 6 May 2018

Dear Jane Quilt, D-5, D-6, D-7, D-8 & D-9 - 30 of 225

I made block D-5 on Tuesday, but my measurements were off and the little squares would have had their tips cut off when the sashing was added, so I remade the block today.

D-5 close up.

I then made block D-6.  I miscalculated this block too so my diagonal lines are closer in than intended but I am not remaking the block.  When the black sashing is attached the black lines will no longer attach in a square.  This is the blandest block so far.

D-6 close up.

I then made block D-7 which went together without any issues.

D-7 close up.

On block D-8 I did a combination of techniques, by cathedral windowing the orange peels and machine appliqueing the kite shapes.

D-8 close up.

I made block D-9 with strips and then trimmed the edges and put borders on.

D-9 close up.

And here are the first 30 blocks together.  I haven't added the sashing between the blocks on the top row yet.

I was skype sewing with my friend Marilyn while making four of these blocks and we both made a few booboos on what each of us were working on, so we were keeping each other going instead of calling it a day and in the end we both got done what we wanted to accomplish.  I decided to continue sewing after we were done and got the fifth block finished so I can say that I got five blocks done this week beating my goal of three!

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Monday, 30 April 2018

Dear Jane Quilt, H9 & J9 - 25 of 225

Yesterday I finished the two blocks I had started on Thursday.

H9 was made by making a pinwheel block out of four half square triangles and then snowballing the corners and appliqueing on four diamonds.

And here's the close up.

I then meant to make I9, however, by mistake I made J9.  I am not going to remake it in a different colour, so when it comes to make J9, I will make I9 instead.....  J9 was simply a box with two frames.  The middle frame I made with mytered corners so I could open them to make orange peels and show the main fabric placed underneath.

And here's the close up.

And here are the first 25 completed blocks.

I now have 1/9th of the quilt made and it took me 3 months which means I am averaging 2 blocks a week.  I'd like to average 3 blocks a week so would like to make 12 blocks in May.  There are 24 blocks in the next round, so I would like to have 12 more blocks and the next round completed by the end of June.

Friday, 27 April 2018

Dear Jane Quilt, G9 - 23 of 225

Yesterday our Dear Jane Group met for another sew day and I was able to finish a block and start on two more.  Here are the pieces I cut out for G9.

And here it is with some individual sections sewn.

Here's the completed block with the book picture.

And the close up.

I'm still having fun figuring out how to put each block together.  It was so windy and rainy yesterday that when I was getting into the vehicle to come home, one of the pieces of fabric I had cut out for block I9 blew right off my layout board which was slightly sticking up out of my bag.  It was across the parking lot and gone in a flash!

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Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Dear Jane Quilt, F9 - 22 of 225

This is another block which most people would likely simply applique.  In my quest to avoid applique, I no doubt increased the complexity of this block quite a bit, but I had fun doing it!

I first cut a square of background fabric into four triangles by cutting an X on the diagonal.  I then cut strips off the edges of the internal sides of the triangles and sewed them back on leaving a gap in the middle of the seams.

I ironed a square of main fabric in half, wrong sides together.

I then sandwiched two of the triangles around the folded central square matching the raw edges and sewed them together.

This is a method of making a 3D faux cathedral window.

I then sewed the two pairs of triangles together sandwiching the now popped open main square between them.  FYI, you can access a tutorial on how to sew a 3D Faux Cathedral Window here.

Once the block is opened, you have a popped up main square of fabric on top of the background fabric.

I then rolled over and sewed down the edges of the square without adding the "window" so the centre remains the main fabric colour.

I then rolled the edges of the slits in the background fabric under in order to create the orange peels and sewed the edges down with the main fabric triangles placed underneath showing through.

I think it looks very similar to Jane's block.  The close up shows a few imperfections, but I have decided it is good enough.

I haven't sewn very many Dear Jane blocks this month, but I am still having fun when I do get one made!