Friday, 16 March 2018

Comfort Quilt for Quilts of Valour - Canada Society

As mentioned in this previous post, I quilted and bound a quilt for Quilts of Valour - Canada Society which was made from strip sets and backing donated by Mayflower Quilters' Guild members and sewn together into a top at a fun charity day of sewing at a local quilt shop.  This quilt will be given to an injured Canadian Forces Member in the Halifax Regional Municipality.  The quilt was shown at Show and Share at our Guild meeting last night so now I can show it here.

The quilt is scrappy, but I wanted to do some sort of Canadian themed free motion quilting on it.  After several pages of doodling, I finally came up with a design.  Since each rail fence block is made up of three strips and each is then joined to the next block turned 9 degrees, each side of the blocks are in effect marked in thirds. I used these "thirds" as guiding points for free motion quilting the design.  I figured out how to quilt a maple leaf on each rail fence block and how to end in order to keep going onto the next block and continue across the whole row without breaking thread.

I started in the upper left hand corner and sewed the outline of the leaf around the outside of the block until I was back at the same corner and then sewed a gently curving stem diagonally across the block and then I was ready to start a new maple leaf in the next block.  Here is an individual block showing the maple leaf quilting.

I was very pleased with how the quilting turned out!  Now I need to quilt another Quilt of Valour so I can use the design again!

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Thursday, 15 March 2018

Triad Quilt

My daughter Ainsley was over last night and we started working on a quilt for her girlfriend Victoria who is getting married June 2nd.  I was cutting and Ainsley was sewing.

We are making a triangle/diamond quilt with all different shades of green and using this Free Triad Quilt Pattern from Free Spirit.  However, we are using 6.5" triangles instead of 8.5" triangles and will have 15 rows and 16 columns to end up with a quilt 90" x 96" using 240 6" finished blocks.  Here is a better picture of some of the fabrics.

We got them all on a road trip to Avonport Discount Fabric a couple of weeks ago.  Green isn't my favourite colour, but I quite like most of these with their hint of teal.  Green is Victoria's favourite colour and that's what counts.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Cat's Meow Mystery Quilt Introduction to Step 1 and a Few Notes

I am making the sample of the Cat's Meow Mystery quilt for this Thursday's meeting of the Mayflower Quilters' Guild.  Now, since it's a mystery, I can't show much but I wanted to draw attention to a few things I found helpful when completing step 1.

In step 1 you pick your three fabrics:  a light background and a medium to dark main fabric as well as a dark or strong contrast fabric and then you cut and sew various width of fabric strips into strip sets as directed.  I think my strip sets show that my light fabric is nice and light and my two other fabrics are definitely darker but also have enough contrast from each other as well.

Note #1 - This is to emphasise that all the strip sets' seam allowances are all ironed towards the dark or contrasting fabric which will make further construction steps easier.  (I had to search for this detail.)

Note #2 - Some of the light background strips are not sewn into strip sets, but are cut up into various lengths as is.  After I had sewn my strip sets and had some single strips left over, I thought I had made an error and had to read back through the instructions to find out it was OK and what to do with them.

Note #3 - The first light and contrast strip sets become four patches.  If you nest two of the strip sets right sides together before cutting, the pieces will already be paired for chain sewing and you will also only have to make half as many cuts since you will be cutting two strips at once.

Note #4 - To reduce bulk when pressing the four patches open, you can spin your seams.  See how all the seams on the back of the block are pointing in the same direction as you go clockwise around the block and a little four patch appears in the centre of the back of the block.

Note #5 – When you join your four patches to other blocks, make sure you look at which way they are turned in the diagram before you attach them or you could end up with a different design.

Note #6 - Strip set #4, which has two narrow contrast strips on each side of the main fabric is just long enough to cut out the required number of pieces (12 x 3.5" =  42") so be careful, ask me how I know...  All the other strip sets have lots of wiggle room .

Step 2 will be given in April and Step 3 with be given in May.  Step 4 will be to bring your completed quilt to the September meeting for the chance to win some prizes!  I will also provide the link to the Mystery Quilt pattern after Step 3 is provided so people can't go and peek at the final result and spoil the mystery.  I just noticed that the striped edges of my design boards match my fabrics.

Edited 15/03/2018 to add Hint #5 and correct Hint numbering

Friday, 9 March 2018

I Have a New Quilting Friend!

You may be wondering why the blog has been silent for a little over a week.  It's because I have a new retirement quilting friend and I have been getting to know them before introducing them.  I have graduated from using my domestic sewing machine which has a ten inch throat space on my quilting frame to now using a Q'nique 15R mid-arm which has fifteen inches of throat space.  After you subtract the space taken up by rolling up the quilt, I could quilt a five inch pattern on my domestic sewing machine.  Now I will be able to quilt a ten inch pattern.  Double the space!  Here is a picture of my new mid-arm.

My first project is a Quilt of Valour that the Guild I belong to put together during a recent charity sew day.  I am quilting it with free motion maple leaves by using the three strips of rail fence piecing to guide me.  Here is what one looks like on a rail fence block.

And here is the back.

I can't show the whole quilt until after it gets revealed at the next Mayflower Quilters' Guild meeting on Thursday.  I'm looking forward to lots of time using my new mid-arm!  I didn't have to put in a second bobbin until I was on the last row of the quilt.  Thank you Bryan for coming over last week on your day off to level my frame and help me get my mid-arm set up.  Opie was lots of help too!

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Dear Jane Quilt, E7 - 12 of 225

I decided to make the "flower" in this block a little bigger so I didn't have to add as large a border to it.  I started with four 2 3/4" squares with snowballs on all four corners and cut some 3/4" strips as well.

Then I cut each snowballed square in half and sewed a strip in the centre and joined these in pairs.

I then cut these two rectangles in half and sewed another strip in their centres.

I then sewed these pairs together.  I should have made my squares slightly larger so no border at all would have been required.  I ended up adding a 5/8" strip which means my border was only 1/8" wide once the sashing was added, oh well, live and learn.  Here's E7 finished.

And here are my first 12 blocks sewn together.

46 separate pieces of fabric in this one little square!

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Dear Jane Quilt H8, E6 & E8 - 11 of 225

Here is block H8 completed, with the centre circle "reverse" topstitched under the black square.  I am trying to make the Dear Jane Quilt totally by machine and have succeeded so far.

I got block E-6 pieced on Thursday with my Dear Jane group.  If I were to make it again (which I'm not) I would make the centre square a little larger so the smaller triangles were bigger and then the green rectangles would be narrower. 

And this morning I got block E-8 pieced while skype sewing with my friend Marilyn.

Still having fun, although I did start a border triangle and got myself turned around while doing freezer paper piecing where you don't sew through the paper.  I mistakenly cut my pieces with the freezer paper templates ironed to the front of the paper instead of the back so they were all mirror imaged by mistake.  Now that I know what I did wrong, it will be easy to fix and do it right.

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Monday, 19 February 2018

Dear Jane Quilt F8 & H8 - 9 of 225

Here is block F8.  I pieced it.  After I got the slanted outer border together I realized I slanted it the opposite way, but I am not going to change it.  I've read where others have slanted it the wrong way too because they forgot to mirror image their paper piecing.  I don't have that excuse, but I'm happy with it the way it is.

And here is block H8.  I pieced the parts shown.  A circle will have to be cut out of the centre of the block so that I can reverse applique the pieced circle under it.  I will be having an applique lesson on Thursday at my Dear Jane meeting so hope to have an updated picture to show after that.

And here are the first nine blocks sewn together with F8's centre pinned in place.

The next block I want to do is TR7, the first triangle in the top row.  I think I will be paper piecing it.